Top Posts of 2018

This is a list of my top (i.e. favorite) posts from the past year. This list is most helpful for me to look back later to see what captured my attention during 2018.

  1. Why don’t we pray for arms to regrow? This posts addresses this question and discusses the nature of prayer and God’s will.
  2. I wrote several posts on the question of exceptions and scruples. This is a subject I intend to address again, but my focus over the past year was on the freedom of pastors to teach on a subject where they disagree with their confession of faith. My conclusions were that if a pastor is granted an exception, he is free to teach it and the presbytery cannot prohibit that teaching. However, a pastor being granted an exception does necessarily free him in his practice, and does not grant that exception to the congregation by proxy.
  3. I wrote an extensive analysis of the confessionalism of the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO). ECO and the EPC are closely related, and my hope in that analysis was to provide a charitable and robust critique of ECO’s confessional approach in order to better foster a deeper partnership between our churches.
  4. I wrote two very different posts on sexual ethics. The first is on children in the worship of the church when the scriptural subject is sex. The second was a biblical argument for adultery disqualifying elders from serving as elders again.

A list of my top posts from 2017 can be found here.