ECO and Adhering to the Essential Tenets

I was pleasantly surprised to see this recent post by ECO’s Synod Executive, Dana Allin, about going beyond ECO’s Essential Tenets. He celebrates the Essential Tenets, but wonders whether “perhaps we should desire more from our leaders than simply ‘Adhering, receiving, and adopting’ the Essential Tenets.” What prompted this was a series of spiritual conversations where Allin realized that the Essential Tenets were simply too basic to provide enough thoughtful direction.

Why was this a pleasant surprise? Because, as I have previously written, ECO’s confessionalism is too simple and underdeveloped to guide pastoral and theological conversations. They need something more robust, like the historic confessional approaches of the Reformed tradition. A public recognition from ECO’s main leader that the Essential Tenets are inadequate to the task of confessing ECO’s biblical faith to the world is a good first step in that direction.