Year-Long, Westminster Shorter Catechism Preaching Guide

One of the advantages of the Heidelberg Catechism over the Westminster Shorter Catechism is the former’s 52-week layout. The Heidelberg Catechism’s 129 questions are divided into 52 Lord’s Day segments so that its topics could be easily arranged into a yearly preaching schedule. The Westminster Standards don’t have anything like that. This is my first attempt at crafting a 52-week topical preaching guide using the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Lord’s DayTopicQuestion Number
1Glorifying and Enjoying God1
2Knowing God2-3
3The One God4-5
4God is Trinity6
5The Decrees of God7-8
8Adam & Eve in Creation12
9Sin & the Fall13-16
10Sin & Misery17-19
11The Covenant of Grace20
12The Person of Christ21-23
13Christ our Prophet24
14Christ our Priest25
15Christ our King26
16Christ’s Humiliation27
17Christ’s Exaltation28
18Redemption and Union with Christ29-30
19Effectual Calling31-32
23Grace: Communion with God36
24Union with Christ in Death and Resurrection37-38
25The Duty Owed to God39-42
26The 10 Commandments43-44
27The First Commandment45-48
28The Second Commandment49-52
29The Third Commandment53-56
30The Fourth Commandment57-62
31The Fifth Commandment63-66
32The Sixth Commandment67-69
33The Seventh Commandment70-72
34The Eighth Commandment73-75
35The Ninth Commandment76-78
36The Tenth Commandment79-81
37Total Depravity82-84
38What God Requires: Faith85-86
39What God Requires: Repentance87
40God’s Ordinances: The Word88-90
41God’s Ordinances: The Sacraments91-93
43The Lord’s Supper96-97
45Teaching Us to Pray: The Lord’s Prayer99-100
46The First Petition: Hallowed Be Thy Name101
47The Second Petition: Thy Kingdom Come102
48The Third Petition: Thy Will Be Done103
49The Fourth Petition: Give Us Our Daily Bread104
50The Fifth Petition: Forgives Us Our Debts105
51The Sixth Petition: Lead Us Not Into Temptation106
52Seek First God’s Kingdom107